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3_6_14- Bionikbastard
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I guess it’s a thing for me to look brain dead in my selfies.
I’m so damn close to 10k followers!!!
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fav choker!
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Anonymous: what;s your skin care routine?!

Right now I barely do anything. I just keep it clean and try not to clog my skin with foundation, cause that’s when I get acne and dry skin. Since I stopped using a lot of foundation and powder my skin has improved a lot :)

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immersedwalls: be my wife. omfg ofc ur swedish! all the beautiful girls are from there!

In sweden sperm is glitter!

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lazy tuesday gif. I never smile on camera congratulations 
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Anonymous: you suffer anorexic?

I don’t suffer from anything except uninterrupted cravings for banana ice cream :’)


Ryan Tippery | 2014
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I wanna win a million dollars, oh
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Message me, I’m bored.Or sould I maybe create an ask.fm just to have something to do? hmmm