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immersedwalls: do you eat healthy? or how do you keep your skin so healthy

I can’t say I do but I can’t say I don’t. I try. I drink looooads of water each day though and my skin has improved like crazy since I started drinking a lot. I also put Biosilk silk therapy on my face before sleep :)

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New haircolor, again!
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Anonymous: will you ever take a picture looking directly at the camera without hair in your eyes?

Probably not. That’s not how I roll (:

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When the makeup match the hair
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14|9|9   365.363

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I have a belly ache and I’m not sleepy but I really should sleep :( Come here with some fries and cheer me up
hahaha… yeah ;_;

Vogue Paris | October 1997“Les Éxtremes”Jaime King by Albert Watson

R.Starr - mounts: DSC_0337 (by cliffbriggie) su We Heart It.
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